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  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate

  • Multi-Unit Properties

  • Cottage Conveyancing

  • Financing and Secured Transactions

  • Commercial Leasing

  • Contract Drafting and Negotiation

  • Co-Tenancy Agreements

  • Complex Title Issues

At O’Connor Law, we know that property transactions are important to you. The purchase or sale of a home or property is often the most important legal transaction that an individual or business will ever be involved in. Dedication to property law allows us to focus exclusively on ensuring that the transaction receives the care and commitment that our clients expect and deserve.​

Whether you are negotiating the purchase or sale of a commercial property, buying or selling a home or cottage, or leasing a commercial property, it is important to work with a legal advisor you can trust to ensure that the transaction runs smoothly. O’Connor Law prides itself on providing individualized care and attention to each file and to each client from start to finish.


We represent a wide range of clients from first-time home buyers to experienced property investors. At O’Connor Law we recognize that every property transaction is unique. Details overlooked when you purchase your property can lead to significant problems after closing. O’Connor Law has the expertise to identify such problems before they occur. We will handle any legal challenges as they arise and are committed to providing our clients with personal, accessible, and individualized service. Our focus is on protecting our clients’ interests leading up to, and beyond, the closing date or completion of a file.

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